Your specialist in machine vision.

Our passion is developing and integrating machine vision solutions for manufacturers and machine developers in the Benelux. We provide turnkey vision solutions combined with superior products, service, and performance.

Industrial image processing 4.0 (2D/3D)

Improve your quality and traceabilitiy with custom machine vision solutions.

Quality control

Get ready for industry 4.0 and maintain production quality.


Machine vision

Programming and setting up the hardware for every type of inspection. We will process the images and write a functional program based on the images.

  •  Vision systems 2D/3D
  • Custom vision systems 2D/3D
  • Robotic vision systems 2D/3D
  • 3D robotic vision guided bin picking
  • Code readers
  • Vision sensors 2D
  • Height measurements

Electromechanical engineering

Custom electromechanical engineering of the machine vision hardware onto your production machine.

  • Electrical drawings
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Mechanical drawings (CAD)
  • Mechanical mounts and constructions
  • CE marking

Industrial automation

Automating the machine vision hardware signals into your new or current production line.

  • Setting up communication with production machine
  • Automatic program switching
  • Configuring a reject


If you already have machine vision in your production line and you want to improve functionality.

  • Retrofit for outdated vision systems
  • Program or hardware optimizations
  • Custom training for production staff

Our APproach

From analysis, to integration, to support.


The right vision hardware and optimized processes through personal advice. In this phase we test your case and provide you a test report with all the vision technologies and requirements to fully cover your request. After completion we will provide you a quotation based on our standard service conditions.


In this step we plan the integration of the machine vision solution in existing or new production facilities. This according to your production planning.

Service & support

Fast and accurate support with all problems and further training for your employees.


Reduce project runtime due to our allround service and machine vision knowhow.

Customer centric concepts

All our concepts are customizable and specially designed for your needs.

Pro's of machine vision integrator

Follow up of changes in your production process
Custom service contract for your need
Best practices


What does the term machine vision include?

Machine vision is the umbrella term for vision systems (2D/3D), code readers, vision sensors, height sensors, general sensors.

What brands of machine vision do you provide?

We exclusively work with Keyence hardware. This because Keyence has the widest range of products with the best performance. They also continue to innovate their products and provide user-friendly software.

Where do you provide service?

For manufacturers we provide service within the Benelux. In case of machine developers we provide service globally.

What type of industries do your services apply to?

We are providing our services to all kinds of industries.

  • Consumer good manufacturing
  • Automative  manufacturing
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Plastic manufacturing
  • Pharma and cosmetics manufacturing
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Electronics and battery manufacturing
  • Packaging manufacturing
  • Logistics
Are you VCA and GMP certified?

Yes. We have our VCA certification and have additional BA4-BA5 “working safely with electrical equipment” certification. From years of experience in pharma manufacturing we are familiar with the GMP legislation.